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Werner Fibreglass Swingback Stepladder

  • £93.17

The Swingback Fiberglass Stepladder has a Multi-functional HolsterTop to keep tools organized and safe on the ladder. With non-conductive stiles, this ladder is ideal for working around electricity. Features include slip-resistant steps for comfortable standing and EDGE bracing to help prevent rail damage. With a top tread height from 1.12m to3.34m, this ladder works indoors and outdoors. Suitable for professional use.

Performance Overview

Style Reach Height Load Capacity
Swingback 2.04m (6ft 8in) 150kg
Swingback 2.31m (7ft 7in) 150kg
Swingback 2.59m (8ft 6in) 150kg
Swingback 3.16m (10ft 4in) 150kg
Swingback 3.7m (12ft 2in) 150kg
Swingback 4.26m (13ft 12in) 150kg


  • Non-conductive fibreglass stiles to 30,000 volts, suitable for working around electricity
  • High performance Holster Top, with specially designed paint, tool and equipment holders
  • Easy to operate internal spreaders
  • Slip-resistant Traction-Tread steps
  • EDGE® moulded brace and foot pad combination provides enhanced bracing strength and increased protection against damage
  • Wide range of heights available from 4-12 treads
  • 150kg load capacity suitable for Trade use


Feature Size / Details
Reach Height 2.04m (6ft 8in) 2.31m (7ft 7in) 1.67m (5ft 6in) 3.16m (10ft 4in) 3.7m (12ft 2in) 4.26m (13ft 12in)
Number of Treads 4 5 6 8 10 12
Description of Top Features Holster Top Holster Top Holster Top Holster Top Holster Top Holster Top
Top Tread Height 1.12m (3ft 8in) 1.4m (4ft 7in) 1.67m (5ft 6in) 2.23m (7ft 4in) 2.79m (9ft 2in) 3.34m (10ft 12in)
Colour of ladder top Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue
Lock-In Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edge Bracing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Load Capacity 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg
Material Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass
Approx. Width 0.47m (1ft 6in) 0.51m (1ft 8in) 0.54m (1ft 9in) 0.62m (2ft) 0.70m (2ft 4in) 0.77m (2ft 6in)
Certifications BS EN131 BS EN131 BS EN131 BS EN131 BS EN131 BS EN131
Approx. Product Weight Kg 6.65 7.5 8.54 11.21 16 18.91

*Based on 1.75m (5ft 9in) as the average reach height of a person