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Werner Aluminium Work Platform

  • £59.60

The Handy or Maxi work platforms are the perfect tool for giving you a boost for odd jobs around your home or workshop. With a platform height of 0.5m, this work platform is a convenient and practical aid that folds flat for easy storage, and will easily fit in the boot of any car. Suitable for professional and domestic use.

Performance Overview

Style Load Capacity Height Width Length
Work Platform 150kg 0.5m (1ft 8in) 0.3m (1ft) 0.69m (2ft 3in)
Work Platform 150kg 0.5m (1ft 8in) 0.3m (1ft) 0.90m (2ft 11in)


  • Simple and safe to use with locking hinges for added safety
  • Wide and deep non-slip platform
  • Perfect for all odd jobs
  • Compact folded dimensions
  • Lightweight and easy to transport


Feature Size / Details
Handy Maxi
Style Work Platform Work Platform
Height 0.5m (1ft 8in) 0.5m (1ft 8in)
Width 0.3m (1ft) 0.3m (1ft)
Length 0.69m (2ft 3in) 0.90m (2ft 11in)
Reach Height 2.25m (7ft 5in) 2.25m (7ft 5in)
Load Capacity 150kg 150kg
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Approx. Product Weight (kg) 4.3 4.7



Feature Size
Folded Dimensions (H x W x D) 0.39m x 0.79m (1ft 3in x 2ft 7in)
Folded Dimensions (H x W x D) 0.39m x 1m (1ft 3in x 3ft 3in)