ALFLO Fibreglass Trade Double Extension Werner Ladder

  • £213.10

The ALFLO Fibreglass Trade Double Extension Ladder has non-conductive rails making this ladder ideal for working near electricity. The exclusive ALFLO rung joint means TWIST-PROOF performance on the job. The dual action feet are for use on hard or penetrable surfaces and swivel easily. The fly section rails are pre-pierced at the top for easy field installation of accessories. Suitable for Trade use.

Performance Overview

Style Closed Height Reach Height Load Capacity
Double Section 2.45m (8ft) 4.48m (15ft 8in) 150kg
Double Section 3.03m (9ft 11in) 5.60m (18ft 4in) 150kg
Double Section 3.61m (11ft 10in) 6.72m (22ft 1in) 150kg
Double Section 3.90m (12ft 10in) 7.28m (23ft 11in) 150kg
Double Section 4.48m (14ft 8in) 8.40m (27ft 7in) 150kg


  • Non-conductive fibreglass stiles, ideal for working around electricity
  • Moulded foot brace provides enhanced bracing strength and increased protection against damage
  • Slip-resistant articulated feet for safe use on uneven ground
  • Heavy duty interior rope pulley for easy and safe operation
  • ALFLO rung joints offer Twist-Proof performance
  • Slip-resistant D rungs for comfort and security
  • Semi-automatic locks
  • Manual thumb operated locking catch
  • Suitable for heavy duty industrial use
  • 150kg load capacity suitable for Trade use


Feature Size / Details
Reach Height 4.48m (15ft 8in) 5.60m (18ft 4in) 6.72m (22ft 1in) 7.28m (23ft 11in) 8.40m (27ft 7in)
Closed Height 2.45m (8ft) 3.03m (9ft 11in) 3.61m (11ft 10in) 3.90m (12ft 10in) 4.48m (14ft 8in)
Open Height 3.90m (12ft 10in) 5.06m (16ft 7in) 6.22m (20ft 5in) 6.80m (22ft 4in) 7.96m (27ft 7in)
Style Double Section Double Section Double Section Double Section Double Section
Load Capacity 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg
Material Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass Fibreglass
Rung Type D-rungs D-rungs D-rungs D-rungs D-rungs
Section x Rungs 2 x 8 2 x 10 2 x 12 2 x 13 2 x 15
Number of Sections 2 2 2 2 2
Approx. Product Weight Kg 14.5 17.2 20.1 24.7 28.4