Abru Arrow DIY Double Extension Ladder

  • £88.06

The 2.8m double extension ladder is great for DIY use around the home and extends to a height of 5.02m. With wide slip-resistant 'D' shaped rungs for comfort and safety and ribbed feet for extra grip, this ladder is great for reaching those extra high areas. Suitable for DIY use only.

Performance Overview

Size Style Closed Height Reach Height Load Capacity Type
2.86m (9ft 5 in) Double Section 2.86m (9ft 5 in) 5.62m (18ft 5in) 95kg Light Duty
3.4m (11ft 2in) Double Section 3.4m (11ft 2in) 6.66m (21ft 10in) 95kg Light Duty
4.2m (13ft 9in) Double Section 4.2m (13ft 9in) 8.23m (27ft) 95kg Light Duty


  • Wide slip-resistant D rungs for comfort and security
  • Ribbed feet for extra grip
  • Maximum static vertical load: 95kg
  • Safety certification: BS2037, class 3
  • Suitable for domestic use only



Feature Size / Details
2.8m 3.4m 4.2m
Size 2.86m (9ft 5 in) 3.4m (11ft 2in) 4.2m (13ft 9in)
Reach Height 5.62m (18ft 5in) 6.66m (21ft 10in) 8.23m (27ft)
Closed Height 2.86m (9ft 5 in) 3.4m (11ft 2in) 4.2m (13ft 9in)
Open Height 5.02m (16ft 6in) 6.1m (20ft) 7.71m (25ft 4in)
Style Double Section Double Section Double Section
Load Capacity 95kg 95kg 95kg
Type Light Duty Light Duty Light Duty
Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Rung Type D Rungs D Rungs D Rungs
Foot Material Plastic Plastic Plastic
Section x Rungs 2 x 10 2 x 12 2 x 15
Number of Sections 2 2 2
Base Width 0.35m (1ft 2in) 0.35m (1ft 2in) 0.36m (1ft 2in)
Certifications BS 2037 Class 3 BS 2037 Class 3 BS 2037 Class 3
Approx. Product Weight (kg) 9.2 10.7 16.8