Werner Loft Ladder 3 Section with Handrail

  • £89.94

The sturdy and practical 3 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder is a perfect loft-access solution, extending from three overlapping sections that can be affixed to the inside of the loft to be lowered down when access is needed. Measuring(H)139×(W)30.5cm, this ladder has all the components needed for DIY installation, including a universal stowing pole and comprehensive instructions – it also has 'D' shaped rungs, for added comfort and security. Handrail included. Suitable for heights up to 3m.

Performance Overview

Style Load Capacity Material
3 Section 150kg Aluminium


  • Suitable for heights up to 3m (9ft 10in)
  • Slip-resistant D rungs for comfort and security
  • Universal stowing pole, compatible with most loft hatches
  • Handrail for added safety when entering or leaving the loft
  • Includes step-by-step instruction guide and fittings
  • 150kg load capacity suitable for Trade use


Feature Size / Details
Max Floor to Loft Floor Height 3m (9ft 10in)
Min Floor to Loft Floor Height 3m (9ft 10in)
Load Capacity 150kg
Min Storage Space 1.12m (3ft 8in)
Min Clearance Arc 0.71m (2ft 4in)
Foot Material Plastic
Locking Device Yes
Requires Cutting Foot Angle No
Number of People for Installation 1
Certifications BS EN14975
Approx. Product Weight Kg 5.1

Floor Thickness/Minimum Loft Opening Length

7.6cm (3in)/0.40m (1ft 4in); 10.2cm (4in)/0.41m (1ft 4in); 12.7cm (5in)/0.43m (1ft 5in); 15.3cm (6in)/0.44m (1ft 5in); 17.8cm (7in)/0.45m (1ft 6in); 20.3cm (8in)/0.46m (1ft 6in)