Werner Shop Steps

  • £139.17

The heavy-duty aluminium Shop Step is a solid and reliable aid for professional work. Features include top edge caps for a smoother profile, heavy duty external spreaders, twin handrails and large slip resistant feet. The platform height of this ladder is from 1.09m to 2.64m. Suitable for professional use.

Performance Overview

Style Tread Height to Platform Reach Height Load Capacity
Shop Steps 5 1.09m (3ft 7in) 2.84m (9ft 4in) 130kg
Shop Steps 6 1.31m (4ft 4in) 3.06m (10ft) 130kg
Shop Steps 8 1.75m (5ft 8in) 3.50m (11ft 6in) 130kg
Shop Steps 10 2.20m (7ft 3in) 3.95m (12ft 11in) 130kg
Shop Steps 12 2.64m (8ft 8in) 4.40m (14ft 5in) 130kg


  • Heavy duty aluminium
  • Platform stepladder
  • Handrails for added safety
  • Large non-slip feet
  • 130kg load capacity suitable for Trade use


Feature Size / Details
Reach Height 2.84m (9ft 4in) 3.06m (10ft) 3.50m (11ft 6in) 3.95m (12ft 11in) 4.40m (14ft 5in)
Maximum Reach 2.84m (9ft 4in) 3.06m (10ft) 3.50m (11ft 6in) 3.95m (12ft 11in) 4.40m (14ft 5in)
Number of Treads 5 6 8 10 12
Height to Platform 1.09m (3ft 7in) 1.31m (4ft 4in) 1.75m (5ft 8in) 2.20m (7ft 3in) 2.64m (8ft 8in)
Load Capacity 130kg 130kg 130kg 130kg 130kg
Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Approx. Product Weight Kg 7.6 8.4 10.7 12.2 14.5